About Us

Eagle Senior & Community Center

Our Vision

Helping older adults empower, engage, and enrich their lives.

Our Mission

Improving the lives of seasoned adults through caring support with opportunities for social interaction, recreation, services for basic needs, education, volunteerism, and community activism.

Our Values

DIGNITY Respect all who interact with the center.
DIVERSITY Embracing differences in skills, knowledge, culture, heritage, ethnicity, and religion of mature folks and their families.
LEADERSHIP Guiding our members and the larger community toward lifelong well-being.
WISDOM Drawing from the accumulated wisdom of our members to benefit the larger community.
SERVICE Assisting elder individuals in need of information, housing, caregivers, transportation, and various other support.
REMEMBRANCE Honoring the presence and accomplishments of our members and other aged persons in the community.


  • Office Manager – Tami Galt
  • Receptionist – Carmen Wolfkiel
  • Chef – Nancy Holmberg
  • Day Drivers
    • Micky Weeks
    • D.L. Meyer
    • Terri Jones
  • Nights/Weekends Driver – Lindsey Meza-Turner
  • Volunteer Drivers
    • Terry Tentinger
    • Jim Dunstan
  • Love Me Two Times Thrift Store
    • Manager – Elaine McEnroe
    • Volunteers – Michael Harrington, Bud Davis, George Jones

Board of Directors

  • President – Sylvia Carney
  • Vice President – Sandie Applehans
  • Secretary -Colleen Franks
  • Treasurer – Peggy Schlichte
  • Board Members
    • Byron Markowski
    • Maggie Galt
    • Zandra Steck
    • Leonard Day
    • Donna Abbott